Community Education

Feb 12

Advice to Embrace

Alex Pacheco-Garcia, a friend from Tisch Photo, posted something that I would love to have as a constant reminder.  It’s worth sharing with you.

Words of wisdom from Peter Fischilli and David Weiss. How to Work Better, 1991.

Dec 11

Creative Growth

Shortly before taking a break for the holiday, I attended a volunteer orientation session at Creative Growth, an art center for adults with disabilities in Oakland, CA, not far from our apartment. Amazingly, I learned of Judith Scott, an Outsider Artist, through one of my graduate classes, but did not make the connection between person and place until I decided to visit the art center. In addition to providing art materials and assistance to adults with disabilities, there is a gallery for the artists’ work to be displayed and sold, which I think can provide a feeling of self worth for many. I am looking forward to returning to Oakland and getting to know the artists at Creative Growth. I have a great feeling about this!

Find more at Creative Growth.

Judy Embraces Piece, by Leon Borensztein